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TRX Training in Staten Island, NY



TRX training is one of the best workouts available for your body. This method uses ropes and suspension techniques to build strength agility, increase endurance, and improve core strength. It’s used by athletes, military personnel, and others whose professions demand fitness.

Those who are interested in undergoing these exercises should first find a TRX trainer. He or she will be able to help you get the most out of these exercises. The TRX workout  is relatively complex, so guidance from a professional never hurts.

Those who are interested in getting TRX training should visit our facility at Next Level Performance in Staten Island, NY.


Our mission is simple.

“It’s to provide cutting edge high intensity kick ass workouts. We will  educate, motivate and support our members with all the resources available to us to ensure optimal health, fitness and performance.  We will develop relationships with our members and assist our members to obtain measurable and realistic goals for a successful experience.  When you become a part of our community our only responsibility is to take care of your health, fitness and overall performance training.”



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