Weight Loss at Next Level Performance

Weight Loss in Staten Island, NY


Obesity is one of the greatest challenges facing the US today, taking a major toll in money and in health. It’s in your interest to stay within your ideal weight level. This is why you should take advantage of the weight loss program offered at our fitness studio.


A fitness instructor will figure out an exercise schedule that’s right for you. This will optimize the time you spend in our studio, burning off fat and building muscle. With time and effort, you too can have the body you’ve always wanted.


You can learn more about this weight loss program by contacting us at Next Level Performance in Staten Island, NY.


Our mission is simple.

“It’s to provide cutting edge high intensity kick ass workouts. We will  educate, motivate and support our members with all the resources available to us to ensure optimal health, fitness and performance.  We will develop relationships with our members and assist our members to obtain measurable and realistic goals for a successful experience.  When you become a part of our community our only responsibility is to take care of your health, fitness and overall performance training.”




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